How to learn to "not take everything to heart"?

Negative thoughts, emotions and stress lead to the fact that we feel worse. Hypertension, Depression and headaches - and this is not an exhaustive list of problems faced by sensitive people.

Psychologists advise to take responsibility for their state of mind and begin to work on yourself to make life easier and more enjoyable.

1. Do not scold himself for his emotionality.

You are entitled to emotions and their expression. Moreover, it is important to call a spade a spade, to recognize its high emotionality and adequately look at things. That give you these experiences? Do you get from them some benefit or favor? I think of you around when you are driving yourself so?

Practice shows that one does not become the focus of attention of friends and family, when he is bad.

And with his headache he has to cope on their own. So, from an excessive emotionality there is no benefit.

2. Think about the consequences of their behavior.

Experiences do not allow you to act and to analyze, you're just wasting your time, but could spend it on useful things.

How to learn to "not take everything to heart"? /

Strong emotions make us virtually unemployable.

3. Learn how to stop in time.

Tell yourself: "Stop! Nothing terrible has happened, "when you see that are ready to fall into a tantrum or cry.

Is there something that you can not survive? You are healthy, full of energy and trouble at work after six months you will not even remember.

4. Look at the situation from all sides!

Our brain is capable of producing hundreds of ideas, most importantly, give him motivation. Instead of hysteria, has aimed to come up with a way out. This kind of reflection and calm, and let dignified exit from the situation.

How to learn to "not take everything to heart"? /

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