How to create good habits and do not throw them?

How often have you thought about how to make a useful habit, but throwing the idea out of ignorance of how to implement it?

Indeed, we often stop halfway due to lack of a clear plan. We have prepared a number of ways that will help you not to throw good idea and will train your personality.

The famous American blogger revealed spaced repetition system of your habits. Below we will explain this idea on the principle of habits of proper nutrition and exercise.

Keep a notebook

You get a beautiful diary, where you can fix your progress day by day. Prefer the vaults without dating - so you can bring your own system it is filled. The most effective for you.

colored stickers

In order to begin to eat properly and do it regularly, you should to start to define what kind of products are harmful to the body. Then you come to the aid stickers. Take a bright pink and green. First glue on junk foods in your diet, green, respectively, to those who will benefit, and saturation.

These two rules seem simple, but to implement them should be treated with special care. They say that the habit survives 21 days. Try it now!

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