Sleep during the day useful, new scientific findings

According to experts, daily rest has beneficial effects on the body.

The pace of today's world leads many of us to sacrifice dreamTo have time to finish things or talk, finally, with your loved ones.

However, to compensate for the lack of the day at night can be due to a day of rest. No wonder, reminiscent of scientists in kindergartens after the morning classes the kids go to bed. This practice helps the assimilation of information through more active work of the right hemisphere.

Furthermore, sleep during daytime promotes the transfer of short-term memory to long-term card. After a rest you will feel a surge of strength, irritation go away, and stamina significantly replenished.

And fans still nap during the day have a lower risk to face with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The main thing is not to abuse! Dedicate time to sleep during the lunch break of not more than 40 minutes. If you wake a few hours, the benefits will be replaced harm, you become irritable and lethargic. Two hours of sleep can also lead to the fact that you have broken the balance of rest and wakefulness, which will lead to insomnia at night.

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