Gifts that can not be present for the New Year 2020

Do you want to choose gifts that will bring good fortune not only to the recipient, but also to you, too?

astrologers warning: choose gifts to friends in the New Year should be very careful. After all, this is the time symbol of the year - in 2020 - a rat - chooses his favorites on all 12 months actively looking closely at you.

Not everyone knows that people can by their actions, how to appease the symbol of the year, as well as anger in the New Year the first days ...

To the luck accompany you throughout the year, astrologers advised to choose gifts with an eye to the tastes of the character of the year.

Rat, which will rule in 2020, the year, loves practicality and even savings!

It is not necessary to give gifts to which you have not figured out the budget, as rats do not like the gift, chosen to make a good impression. Christmas gifts in 2020 should be genuine, give it from the heart, so that the recipient will be happy, do not try to seem not who you are, frankness is appreciated rats.

Also, do not give the kittens, both living and toy, cosmetics, perfumes.

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