The most beautiful roads of the world, who must see

In our world many incredible and breathtaking places: man-made attractions, natural wonders and useful facilities. One of the individual types of art are unique bridges and highways, over which employs a lot of design engineers, designers, skilled builders.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of the most beautiful trails our planet. It is safe to say that it is - a great place for autotravel whole family.

Highway 1, Big Sur. The main motorway that runs from north to south along most of the coast of California Pacific Ocean. Highway famous for the fact that runs along the incredibly scenic Places.


Atlantic road. Unique building in Norway, part of the national tourist route. 36 kilometers tie tiny islands in the Atlantic Ocean.


Seven Mile Bridge (Seven Mile Bridge). The bridge, which stretches over the sea, connects the middle and lower part of a group of the Florida Keys.

The entire length of the construction of 10 kilometers - making it the longest bridge in the world.


Furkapass (Furka Pass).

Mountain pass in the Swiss Alps, whose height - 2429 meters. Travel on it will bring an unforgettable experience and truly a thrill.


Near the glacier there is a hotel and restaurant, which have already Bole hundred years, manages the same family.


Road White Rim Road. On either side of the winding road which passes in the gorges and desert area of ​​Utah, travelers waiting delightful scenery as if in this Hollywood Western.

It is important to bear in mind that the air temperature is very high, and there are living a lot of poisonous snakes, so you need to know how to give first aid for bites.


Mountain tunnel Guolyan. The most dangerous road in China. The length of the tunnel - a little more than 1.2 kilometers. The average width of the road is just 4 meters, makes it extremely difficult and dangerous to travel. To provide illumination on the road, the rocks were made huge holes.


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Photos from public sources.