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Related things with their hands become the most favorite - they are special, because each eyelet in a warm and caring person who worked on the new clothes. Of course, you can knit and fingers, but why not use all the different tools that make knitting becomes more accurate, easy, and the result - even faster.

Editorial I gathered these handy little things that can afford every lover of knitting - they can be purchased at any store for needlework. Oh, and do not forget to include in the list of pen and notebook, which should also be at hand masters.

Straight knitting needles, hosiery, circular different sizes


Of course, needles of various sizes are at all handy people who have mastered the skill of knitting. And for novice masters show you that straight knitting needles are used for straight parts, and circular - knitting for more details and for a circular method.

Tips for spokes


Plastic or rubber blockers spiy put on the ends of the loops will not go down if you temporarily postponed knitting.

Ruler for determining the size of spokes


To indicate the size of the spokes are applied numbers corresponding to its diameter in millimeters (e.g., borehole № 4 has a diameter of 4 mm). Direct single spokes are usually marked at the limiter.

Unlabeled spokes size can be determined using a calibration line having holes corresponding to the accepted diameter spokes.



Separation thimbles help distribute the threads of different colors when creating jacquard patterns

marking rings


They are sold in specialized stores and record milestones in knitting time, which helps to avoid confusion and not to lose.

counter series


A very useful thing, if you like to knit for movies or conversations. And how counter operates? You put it on the spoke and scroll by 1 point at the end of each row. So you will always know how many rows are already linked and how much still needs to knit. That would have created a counter loops ...

knitting pin


It is similar to the usual English and is used as an auxiliary borehole to hinge not slipped.

Needle lifting loops


If any loop jumped with spokes and blossomed - do not worry, because with this device you can easily restore all its original location! You can, of course, as a substitute to use a different needle or hook.

Crochet hook


It is indispensable, even if you are knitting needles. This "gadget" will hide the ends of the yarns at the end of knitting, to help draw an original edge of the article, the neck and sleeves.

Holder skein


Another fun accessory for knitting. skein would not "run away" and get dirty, and if knitting is done in several strands, then such a device will allow the coil does not get confused.

Knit with pleasure and enjoy not only the finished result, but the process of their handiwork! And do not forget to learn, what are the top 10 kinds of natural yarn and why knitting is called yoga for the brain.

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