The quarrels between the children in the family: how to resolve childhood conflicts

Home again a noise, and a children's game often ends in quarrels or fights? If yes, then, in all likelihood, your nerves to the limit. In addition, you are very concerned about how the children will get along in the future and whether they escalate conflicts in remote and even hatred. To establish peace in the relationship of brothers and sisters to help three strategies of parental behavior.

It should be noted that the choice of the parents of their strategy of behavior must conform to the current situation. Also try to understand the causes of childhood conflicts: perhaps it lies in the complexity of relations between mothers and fathers, or in the competition for parental attention. In such cases, you need to not only help children to reach a compromise, but also pay more attention to them and equally.


the first strategy: non-participation stance

If the conflict is not too rapid and goes to cry, mutual insults and fights, the parents to him not to interfere. This will give children the opportunity to learn themselves to compromise and negotiate. This skill will be useful for communicating with peers.

To defuse the situation, not resolve the dispute, you can give the children a task to do the cleaning in the room, tell them a funny story or offer other interesting activity. Thus, the cause of the quarrel will be quickly forgotten, and peace among kids again adjusted.


Strategy Two: do not understand who is right and who is wrong

Both to punish the children for the quarrel allows them to quickly make up. So, if you protect one of the parties to the conflict, even if it was unjustly offended, then so amplify quarrel. Rage and anger toddlers at each other grows because one feels the protection of you and the other turns into a victim.

If you do not understand who is right and who is wrong, and punish both immediately behind the quarrel or fight, the children willy-nilly have to come together to protect themselves from the punishment of parents. In the future, they will fall out or become quieter themselves to seek a compromise, and you will be able to use the first, more "gentle" resolution strategy scandals among children.


Strategy Three: Prevention of childhood conflicts

A frequent cause of conflict between the parents become the children, without knowing it. For example, my mother hugged and kissed one child in front of the other, and my father on the way home bought his son a new car, but my daughter did not take anything. Such are the little things, to the parent view, become a cause of smoldering rage children to each other, jealousy and even hatred.

That has never happened like this in your family, give all your children the same amount of attention, care and love. Even if a child is a big difference in age and you think that fourteen teenager not really need a conversation with mom or dad, if one year old baby is teething. Love your children equally, give them attention, care and wealth equally. This will establish the relationship between the children, they will come closer and will appreciate and love each other, fighting for the attention of mom and dad.

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