Where to go in Kiev with the children December 24-25 (poster)

You want to have fun and to spend a weekend with the children in Kiev on 24-25 December 2016? Traditionally Kolobok. UAprepared for you a selection of the most interesting ideas. We wish you a great time!

Familiarity with the tale


Fabulous winter vacation begin! Parents with children in school than six years old will be able to get acquainted with the amazing collection of Oriental Art Museum named after Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko. During the game children's tours, young researchers will learn many interesting facts from the history of the samurai and Arab merchants, find the magic blue lions and a ride on a magic carpet ride. Take part in the tours can children 6-10 years accompanied by an adult.

When:December 25, beginning at 14:00
Where:Museum of Art named after Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko (str. Tereshchenkovskaya, 17)
cost: child - 70 UAH, an adult - 30 UAH

Christmas Tale "Ella. Strong able to believe "


Everyone knows that midnight - the time of wonders. And in the New Year at midnight without fulfill the dream will not leave one! In the Palace of Ukraine will be held on New Year's fairy tale for the whole family on the fairy tale "Cinderella"

Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm. In the view of "Ella. Strong able to believe "have the necessities of life: love, magic, mischief, prince charming, classic waltz, vocal performances, stage combat! Before the show (30 minutes before the start) will entertain young viewers animator. For children from 3 years old.

When:December 24-25
Where:Palats Ukraina (ul. Most Vasylkivska, 103)
cost: 130-190 UAH.

Favorite fairy tale for children and adults


A wonderful book about friendship, music and love that overcomes all obstacles. Igor Grohotsky I accepted the challenge of Fozzy read in the project his favorite childhood book, and inspire children to read. We suspect that it will not be easy to read, not by accident but quite natural, IgorIt takes a guitar.

Bring children ages 6 to 12 years.
Register at the event by telephone (066) 402-75-31

When:December 24 16:00
Where:Letter to Khmelnitsky (str. B. Khmelnitsky, 3b)
cost: the entrance is free

Museum of tales in 2017


When nearing New Year's holidays, every child wants to see a real miracle, and even better - to be at the very center. Since 2010, the Museum of Tales team brilliantly and inspiration creates just such a fantastic event.

When: December 24-25, from 10:00 am till 20:00 pm
Where: TC "Darynok" (str. Belomorskaya 1)
cost: from 350 UAH.

The Snow Queen


In the New Year the project cycle of our famous actress and popular TV - Olga Sumy - tell napoonnuyu winter magic fairy tale "The Snow Queen". To the accompaniment of classical works great EdwardGrieg, Jean Sibelius and KurtAtterberg and etc. in the performance of national ensemble "Kyiv Camerata" come to life touching story Hans Christian Andersen the kindness and devotion, can create a miracle. History, which grew no generation.

When: December 24, 13:00
Where: House Officers (street. Grushevskogo, 30/1)
cost:from 120 UAH. up to 350 UAH.

Where to find a Christmas tree?


Christmas adventure. In the snow-covered forest animals are preparing to celebrate the New Year. But where to get the tree, when all covered with snow? They resort to various tricks, but it does not help.

Recommended age - from 4 years

When: December 24-25, 11:00
Where: Kiev State Theater of Young Spectators at the Limes (street. Lipska, 15/17)
cost:from 100 UAH.

Cartoon "Vayana"


Two thousand years ago, among the picturesque islands of the South Pacific, a young girl goes to a journey full of dangers

When: December 24-25
Where: Kiev cinemas

Cartoon "Rhino Otto"


In one Scandinavian town, in the same house, on the top floor lives a very ordinary boy Topper. One day he finds a magic pencil, and finds that all these drawn in pencil, it comes to life.

When: December 24-25
Where:Cinema them. Shevchenko, Leningrad, Start Torch

Cartoon "Superheroes"


Sam's head over heels in love with Sue. He thought out to the smallest detail, how it will make an offer, and she agrees. But when it came to reality, his whole plan went downhill he lost the ring, and even tried to make an offer, because almost killed his beloved.

When:December 24-25
Where:Cinema Tycoon (str. Irpenskaya 76 (Belichansky TC)

The New Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood


Young viewers waiting for the unexpected and interesting version of the famous fairy tale, a new adventure! In 2016 tale won the prestigious contest "The Coronation of the word" and now await its heroes with the audience meeting.

When: December 24-25, 11:00, 13:30, 16:00
Where:architect's house (street. Boris Hrinchenko, 9)

New - old tale


In the New Year's day it can be better the good old fairy tales? The only "new - old fairy tale." The musical based on the most famous works Hans Christian Andersen, is waiting for you. An intriguing musical tale - fantasy tells of the love of the simple soldier to the capricious princess. But this is only part of the story ...

When:December 24 - December 25, 11:40, 13:00
Where: Kievproekt (str. B. Khmelnytsky, 16-22)
cost: from 55 UAH. up to 225 UAH.

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