Fall crafts with the children: Masters of the animals and gnomes from leaves

Autumn - time celebrations and your children's imagination. Fall leaves of different colors and shapes. So many of them that I want to do? We show you how to easily make funny animals and gnomes of autumn leaves.

Head and hat good, you can quickly make Dwarfs of the tinted paper. Make a dress is not a problem. Only here lynx have to tinker a little longer, selecting appropriate leaves.

Lynx or cat from autumn leaves

You will need:

  • Cardboard light yellow
  • dried leaves under pressure
  • dried fruits maple (double lionfish)
  • scissors
  • white marker
  • black felt-tip pen
  • writing-paper
  • universal glue


1. Place the leaves on cardboard suitable for the head, body and ears.
2. 2 halves of fruit maple sheet under the body in the form of legs. For 2 halves the tail of the fetus cut maple respectively.
3. Muzzle collect from the leaves.
4. Leaves gently fix glue, cover with a sheet of paper, put under lighter loads and leave to dry.
5. Pupils draw a mustache and a black felt-tip pen, and the whites of the eyes - the white marker.

Fall crafts with the children: Masters of the animals and gnomes of leaves / open sources

Forest gnomes of autumn leaves

You will need:

  • cardboard stained flesh, yellow, green, red, black
  • natural bast
  • dried under pressure leaves (oak, maple, etc.).
  • little acorns
  • red berries
  • 2 wooden kebab skewers for
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • universal glue


1. Cut out of tinted cardboard hat, head and collar for each gnome. As the hair stick to the head a few pieces of bast and fix them hats.
2. Glue the collars, as shown in the photo, pencil and draw facial features.
3. Cut the leaves merge with each other. Glue on top of the head with a collar. On the back of each gnome fasten skewers for kebabs.
4. Glue the berries and acorns are in the form of buttons. Top hat green bast wrap the segment on which the lock 1 berry.

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