Prince Harry likened Meghan Markle with his mother Princess Diana

The British press has completely withdrawn himself from Meghan Markle now Duchess plans to sue the Mail On Sunday.

The reason for the scandal was the publication of certain passages letters sent Megan against his father. Note that now the duchess does not support the relationship with his father due to several high-profile appearances in the media.

Markle believes that the publication of unlawfully used her letter, violating copyright law and data protection law. Also, the Duchess of indignation was the fact that certain phrases were taken out of context.

On this occasion, quite ambiguous statement was made by Prince Harry. According to him, against his wife's journalists was launched a ruthless campaign of harassment.
I am most afraid that history will repeat itself. The fact that I have already been through this, watching the person you love, is converted into an object of consumption. I've already lost my mother and now I see that the same forces arrayed against my wife.

Mail On Sunday has said it will sue the spouses.

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