Why so popular chia seeds: 5 beneficial properties for health and figure

In recent time, chia seeds are especially popular among the supporters of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. What is so useful that superfud and what health problems will help to cope?

Chia seeds - this is nothing like the seeds of the Spanish sage. The use of these seeds for health has been repeatedly proved by scientists. In a spoonful of seeds it contains only 60 calories, no sugar in them, but there is protein and fats, so they are perfectly saturated, energize, help do not overeat. What else are so useful, these tiny seeds?

The health of the cardiovascular system

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Chia seeds contain essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which improve heart health and helps to normalize blood pressure. As is known, the use of sea fish that contain these beneficial fatty acids, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, thrombosis, and myocardial and stroke. A content of these fatty acids in chia seeds is many times their content in fish.

Weightloss remedy

Chia seeds - a great tool that helps you organize your metabolism and lose weight. They contain soluble fiber, which is able to absorb up to 12 times more water, resulting derived from the body excess cholesterol and toxins, accelerates metabolism and dulled senses hunger. These magic "seeds of life" in the stomach turning into a gel that slows down the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose and thus prevent the formation of fat.


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Chia seeds, thanks to its useful structure, strengthen the immune system, have a preventive effect against various colds. They are called even an analogue of pharmaceutical antibiotics, but they also help to heal wounds. Furthermore, this calcium source, for example, two tablespoons of the seeds contained 6 times more calcium than a glass of milk.

Superfudy - a product called edible medications, and chia seeds among these are not the last place.

Prevention of constipation

Chia seeds are a beneficial effect on the entire digestive system, and all thanks to the content of soluble and insoluble fibers. They normalize intestinal function, improve peristalsis and help to cope with constipation.

Additional energy

Chia seeds are known for a long time, but "fashionable" were just a few years ago. Even tribes Maya and Aztecs used them as an energy stimulant and endurance. These properties of chia seeds preserved until now, scientists have argued that they are as effective as energy drinks.

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