Halloween 2019: to celebrate or not?

Halloween is approaching. After a couple of days in many parts of the world will be lit candles in pumpkins and put on a specially prepared creepy costumes.

In the midst of and talk on the theme: to celebrate or not. Some people consider this holiday devilry, others are already in search of pumpkin prettier.

Halloween has become one of the most popular holidays in America. He ranks second in popularity after Christmas. Profit from celebrating Halloween terrible was about $ 8 billion last year.

Where did the name Halloween?

The name of the festival comes from the old Irish word Samhain, which means "summer's end" and later this word began to refer to the month of November in Ireland.

Why not celebrate Halloween?

1. This evil holiday

When we celebrate Christmas, we praise the birth of Jesus Christ, who was born in this world to suffer for our sins.

When the whole world celebrates Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and victory over death.

But what we praise when celebrating Halloween? The essence of this holiday - is dressing up in witches, skeletons and dead. Maybe, even if we do not have to dress in scary costumes of these, but our involvement in this celebration we praise the celebrating and evil.

Halloween 2019: to celebrate or not? / istockphoto.com

2. This holiday stranger

Halloween - a holiday stranger imposed on American fashion. We also have so many of their anniversaries, but we are adopting foreign.

3. Dangerous holiday for children

Halloween increases the number of children's fears and presents the theme of death with the negative side.

4. Financial holiday support

The more in this celebration is to earn money, so more it will rise and affect the people and the culture in which we live. Better to spend the money on some decent and noble cause.

5. That's a stupid holiday

And it's the mildest definition for the night with disguises in witches and all sorts of jokes.

Finally, we note that the Halloween chose their main holiday of those who today deliberately commits himself to the service of evil - the so-called sorcerers, witches, Satanists.

Thus, witches on this day satisfied with one of the top four Sabbaths in the year, and Satanists perform satanic "Black Mass". Halloween is celebrated in Karelia and Mormons. In the US many consider themselves Satanists Halloween holiday.

And you still want to celebrate the feast of evil?

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