TOP 5 secrets of education of children from Julik

Yulik and his wife Catherine married for over 10 years, and in 2016 the couple had a first-born Denis.

"I do not consider myself an expert in parenting, though I know some secrets that will help you in this matter, - says JULIK. - Children - is everything: happiness, joy and pill for all ills "

TOP 5 secrets of education of children from Julik

1) Giving what baby needs!

We are not talking about the materiality and the co-host of time! Spend more time together, walk, drive to kindergarten or school, and pay as much attention as possible.

2) be able to listen and suggest the right time.

The children really need your attention in the form of a simple conversation, you should be able to listen carefully and give specific recommendations - in different areas. They love to be heard and understood!

3) Traditionally, not to indulge!

This point is very important! Of course, we all want to give our children the best of everything was, everything is newer and what are not others. It is important to be careful that your generosity is not turned into a children's selfishness. As the saying goes, everything has to be a measure in this case as well!

4) Encourage and show a good example!

If you want to teach a child to eat a particular food, show by example. Always be an example for their children and mentor.

5) Love and appreciate!

It is important to tell your child that you love him and he needs you! It seemed a simple word, but it is their we speak very rarely.