Emotions run high! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went against Buckingham Palace

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made loud accusations against the Buckingham Palace.

Prince Harry, who up to this point kept neutrality in matters of family and Meghan Markle, Nevertheless he took the side of his beloved.

He acknowledged that some insiders and people who they considered their friends, in fact "fomenting hysteria" directed against them. He stressed that it was a confidential leaks, which British tabloids used for materials in which the grass and hisAnd Megan.

Harry also said his older brother William, before calling it a state of "fragile."

I do not feel fragile, in fact, now I feel stronger than ever!
- Harry said.

At Buckingham Palace, have not responded to the taunts heir. Meanwhile, rumors about what Harry had quarreled with William acquire real facts. That there is an exchange of courtesies, in which William said as if Harry does not feel very well next to Megan.

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