Bleeding from the nose in a child what to do, where to look for causes of

The child was bleeding from the nose, what to do in such a situation? In most cases with epistaxis the child can cope on their own. But after that, it is important to be sure to find out what it is connected, in order to avoid repetition in the future.

In case of frequent nosebleeds need to turn to family doctor or pediatrician, as in some cases, nosebleeds may indicate Cardiovascular diseases or respiratory system.

What to do if your child's nose began to bleed?


Bleeding may frighten the child. And when the child is excited, his heart beats faster, and thus stop the blood will be more difficult.

So the first thing you need to do - is to soothe the baby: calmly explain to him that nothing bad happens and, of course, do not panic itself.

No need to put your child to bed, throw back his head back or lift the leg, so increasing the flow of blood. Instead of this:

  • Seat the child and tilt his head forward so that the glass bleeding from the nose, and not vice versa - do not fall into the throat.
  • Include a shallow-to-head from which blood is a cotton swab (or a scarf, if not under the wool by hand). This will contribute to narrowing of the vessels and stop the bleeding.
  • If the blood went from one nostril, ask him to breathe the air of the second free swab the nostrils and mouth to breathe, so improve blood clotting.
  • On nose put a bandage soaked with cold water or a cold - water bottle from the freezer meat, wrapped in a towel, and the feet - warm water bottle. With this happens blood flow to the head.
  • Do not rush to feed the baby and give him a warm drink as soon as it was possible to cope with the situation. This will increase blood pressure and enhance blood vessels and can go again.
  • Provide your child calm the situation around - no fuss, not to lament over it. Read your child a book, tell a funny story, turn on your favorite cartoon - to defuse the situation. The kid himself must take it easy and not to worry.

When everything settled, do not allow the child to actively move, tumbling, running, pick your nose, it can cause rebleeding.

Why the child was bleeding from the nose? At crumbs to a year nosebleeds it is extremely rare and it is a signal to show the child's doctor.

In older children, bleeding may occur

  • nervosa;
  • due to injury to the nose;
  • fluctuations in atmospheric pressure;
  • too active blowing your nose;
  • prolonged sun exposure;
  • due to an infection.

How to avoid it?


To mucosa does not dry the baby, it is important to regularly do wet cleaning in the nursery and ventilate the room.

If crumb prone to bleeding, it is recommended protein diet: on his desk on a daily basis should be fresh myasko, cottage cheese, vegetables.

Make sure that your child does not overexert, often change the type of activity: alternating activity with rest.

When an urgent need to see a doctor?


Be sure to call an ambulance or go to the doctor if:

  • If the blood is not stopped for more than 10 minutes;
  • child's breathing is difficult;
  • It started bleeding after a blow to the head.

Also consult your doctor if one of the parents of the child poor blood clotting. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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