Media: Meghan Markle is pregnant again

American tabloids sure Meghan Markle pregnant with a second child star wife hope that the light will be a girl.

Edition Life & Style with reference to approximate the family source writes that Megan It is already in position.

With this information and converge guesses Duchess fans. They noticed that during a trip to Africa Megan wore outfits that wore during their first pregnancy. In some photos the fans even considered rounded tummy wife of Prince Harry.

In addition, Life & Style reports that Megan did not plan to do a big break between pregnancies because she is already 38 years old.

When Megan said Harry, he burst into tears of happiness. No one thought it would happen so quickly, but the couple and said earlier that the wait will not be long. They want a daughter, but the boy will be pleased.
- the newspaper writes.

The media know that Megan is now leans on french fries and chocolate, but before such products she tried to avoid.

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