5 things that a good mother is to teach the child

Cultivate respect for elders and the basic skills of behavior should begin in early childhood.

Do not interrupt

Regardless of whether your child uchuvstvuet in the conversation or not to interrupt the person is not beautiful. Therefore, to explain that it is impossible to interrupt the older child needs.

beg leave

The child must be able to share your things from other people's things. If he takes another's, it is theft.

You should explain to your child that before you take something someone else, you need to ask for permission.

5 things that a good mother is to teach the child / istockphoto.com

The child should be able to wash their hands after using the streets and before eating, brushing your teeth, take a shower. These simple skills will help your child in the future.

Do not be late

Teach your child to time out of the house, explain to him that the delay can be brought not only themselves but also others.

Take care of their loved ones

Teach your child to help others, show him how to treat elderly people living alone, how to help their relatives. A child who knows how to take care, will be a good father or mother in the future.

You will learn inteersno how to raise a child who will not lie to you