This earlier silence: 7 new facts about the body

When a child asks a question about the body, he produced a lot of questions.

How did he available explain? Come up with a unique analogy and elementary comparisons.

1. Yawn yawn so!

Over a lifetime, a person yawns about 250 thousand times. Yawns are not only people - animals too. All but the giraffe! Yawn - is a huge breath of air. He "fills" the brain of oxygen dose and the body at this time is relaxing to come into a state of mind before going to sleep or just gather strength and aktivnichat.

2. Our language - the most powerful body

Language - one of the most powerful organs of the body, which contain as much as 17 muscles. The tongue enough work. During the meal, he pushes her to the teeth for a comfortable chewing and then propels it further - in the throat.

3. Minute of laughter - 45 minutes of rest

All say that laughter prolongs life. But why? Laughter - a kind of gymnastics. When we laugh, it has about 400 muscles of the body - from head to stomach. If a good laugh, all the alarms themselves sidelined. this body enjoys: a minute of laughter is equal to 45 minutes of rest. Thanks to him, there is a development in the brain of dopamine - a substance that has a positive effect on the nervous system, heart, digestive system, kidneys.

4. Hair color grow in 1460 days

Or - 4 years. Hair color different body hair. Their growth can last for about four years, and body hair grow back less than a week Difficult.

5. Why have a headache?

The blood vessels in the head covered sensitive to pain nerves. changes in blood flow at an excessive anxiety and stress can lead to a reduction or expansion of these vessels: they begin to put pressure on the nerves. Pain can occur in the brain, but in fact it has no exposure to nerve pain.

6. Why "electric shocks" in the elbow?

When elbowing you feel as if you electric shock. It turns out, hitting the elbow clamps the ulnar nerve, which is located on the outer side of elbow joint, a bone, and causes a feeling of electric discharge.

7. Heart as fist

Every human heart is the size of his own fist. The child is a small fist and the adult more.


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