Beheading of John the Baptist: how not to draw troubles upon oneself September 11

September 11 Orthodox remember a sad event, The Beheading of John the Baptist.

John the Baptist is prophetWhich heralded the people about the coming of Jesus Christ, which is why it is called the Baptist. He prepared the people to the phenomenon of the Son of God and that he baptized in the waters of the Jordan, Jesus himself.

The Prophet was martyred on the orders of King Herod beheaded.

On this sad day is necessary to closely follow the prohibitions of the church, not to get a severe punishment from higher forces.

What should be done to the Beheading of John the Baptist?

You should always go to the temple that day, pray for the day to ask for forgiveness for their sins.

Our ancestors believed that September 11 John the Baptist, you can make a cherished desire, the prophet necessarily contribute to their implementation.

Pray taken on family well-being.

Prohibitions September 11: that you can not do?

September 11 should not be called a holiday, on this day the Church commemorates the martyrdom of the prophet, and the existing prohibitions related to this sad event.
  • You can not bring to the table something on a platter,
  • It is impossible to celebrate and eat a lot, observed a strict fast,
  • It is impossible to sing and have fun wedding in this day forbidden.
  • You can not pick up anything sharp, cutting and sawing.
  • Do not eat foods that have naturally round shape.

It is believed that the faithful are showing disrespect to the Prophet, to use on the day of his martyrdom products which in size and shape resemble the head.

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