3 binding books for parents

November 13, 2019 20:30Antonina Starovoit
3 binding books for parents

3 binding books for parents


Besides the fact that moms care about questions of how to properly equip the life of the newborn, they are faced with an internal concern about the future of their child.

What kind books read before the advent of the baby to get the most out of parenthood and raise a really happy man? We chose the three most essential books for future and current mums.

Lyudmila Petranovskaya


One of the most important books that are advised to read the psychologists and experts in child education, talks about the attachment between parent and child, as well as how it affects the fate of person. "The secret support" consists of chapters, which tell about the different stages of childhood. Each period - a new age of the problem, the new baby needs, new opportunities but also new risks, if needs are not met. Written in clear language tells how dependency and helplessness turned into maturity, love and the year of caring parents form a year in child support secret, on which, as on the web, it holds personality.

Julia Gippenreiter


In addition to an interesting theoretical framework of the importance of relationships in the family and respect children as a personalities Gippenreiter quotes known adults who excitedly talk about their childhood. The author discusses the causes of children's problems and explains available, which should be avoided in education. In the book center - a lively, sincere, direct, talented, and both depend on our help children who are in need of conscious parents.

Anna Bykov

More books lazy MA

Why do some mothers to tie shoelaces children under school age, while others cease to clean toys with three years of a child? A new book by Anna Bykov - famous child psychologist and teacher - has two best-selling combined into one publication. On its pages, readers will find the best advice on maternity, which will save time and nerves, but also help get rid of overprotection, perfectionism and inferiority complexes parent.


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