How the program works available medicines from April 1: recipe via sms

Since April 1, changed the system of issuing prescriptions on the program "Available drugs." Since now the state program is the National Health Service, the patients have introduced a number of innovations. How to get a prescription?

Now, instead of a paper prescription, the doctor will prescribe an electronic and a patient will come SMS, reports Ministry of Health.

Electronic prescription on the program "Affordable medicine /

Who will get "access to medicines"

Medications for under the state program "Available drugs" either fully or partially state pays. Get preparations may Ukrainian asthma, Type II diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Medicines obtained only by prescription of the doctor. His doctor will prescribe you with whom you have signed the declaration. The program includes 258 products, 64 of them - free of charge, the others - with a small surcharge.

How it works?

Earlier, to get a prescription, the patient comes to the doctor, and he writes a prescription with the name of the active substance. A man came to the pharmacy with the label "Available drugs." The pharmacy can offer different products with the active ingredient. The patient chose the medicine: more or less, but the state compensates for a certain amount. That is, if you take the medicine more expensive reference amount which compensates for the state, then you will have to pay. In the case of the cost of medicines equal to the reference amount, the cost of the drug is entirely covered by the state. Reference amount is determined by the average price of the cost of the drug in the neighboring state of Ukraine.

Electronic prescription on the program "Affordable medicine /

Recipe phone

Since April 1, prescription drugs under the state program are electronic. Get it, you can have a family doctor, internist or pediatrician with whom singed an agreement. Without a contract, he will not be able to issue a prescription. The doctor writes out an e-prescription, which brings in an electronic system. On the phone the patient to come number two - number of prescription and code for a pharmacy. Approximately it will look something like this: "What is your recipe: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Confirmation code: XXXX. "

Also, the doctor can print consultation concluded with a number of e-prescription. At the pharmacy you call a recipe number specialist offers you drugs when you take away their will, they should call the code. The system of e-prescription medications will provide a person at any point of Ukraine. Previously, you could only get them in issuing a prescription. That is, people from Lviv could not get medicines in Kiev. Now they will be available at any point of Ukraine in the pharmacy, which cooperates with the program.

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