Christmas toys with their own hands: gingerbread houses made of felt

This decoration will especially enjoy the children. Decorating the house for the holiday, houses hang in a child's room - it will definitely be happy.

What do we need?

  • several pieces of brown felt (gingerbread color);
  • white felt (for snow);
  • color and pearl beads;
  • green felts for firs;
  • a few pieces of felt other colors.


To make a house, use the Pattern. With this pattern, you can cut and the very foundation, and the little window and the door. Can be diluted with our New Year's houses and Christmas trees.


If you felt too thin, make it a double, please crafts at the edges. Additionally, you can add a small plug of cotton wool, previously putting it into the product.


Decorative elements better to sew. In this case, we will not hide the skin. You can even make them contrast - so interesting.

On top of the houses put "snow" made of white felt, embroidered with pearl beads roof.


Try different options, sew them together. Chain gingerbread houses will look very unusual and fill the house party atmosphere.


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