Inflamed the piercing earring in his ear: how to treat the infection piercing

A familiar feeling when inflamed ear lobe in jewelry after another? Put on gold, and of the puncture earrings exudes whitish liquid again? What to do, how to treat your ears?

Most pirsingovykh infections - the result of contact with bacteria in the puncture site (via non-sterile equipment for piercings, earrings and contaminated dirty hands).

Before starting the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with soap bactericidal. Then carefully remove the earrings from her ears. On a clean cotton swab or cotton ball, apply an antibacterial cleanser. Ideally, if it will contain benzalkonium chloride.

Inflamed the piercing earring in his ear: what to do /

As applied ointment

  • Wipe the wound on both sides. Apply on the clasp earrings antibacterial ointment and again put on earrings.
  • Perform this procedure 3 times a day until complete disappearance of the symptoms of the infection. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if the situation does not improve, or the inflammatory process is amplified.

Often the ears like the precious metals - silver and gold, if the inflammation occurs after wearing jewelry, discard it completely, or remove to shower and before going to bed, rubbing the ears of antibacterial cleaning means.

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