How to make the walk interesting: 5 games for wet weather

During the cold season to force myself to go out on a walk with your child - it is particularly difficult. One would think: what you can do on the street, where only a shower of rain and wet shoes buried in a mountain of fallen leaves.

However, it does have something. We have collected for you the most popular games in the street, which will give pleasure to both you and your baby.

Hooray, fall!

  • Mountain of leaves can serve as an excellent material for the developing baby.
  • Try to find the biggest and the smallest sheet.
  • By means of the shovel or long stick extend as long as possible a path of the leaves
  • Collect colorful bouquet of leaves on a gift relatives.

5 words

Games with additional details are always more attractive to kids. Everyone remembers the classic children's game "I know the 5 words", but it can be substantially converted, given the characteristics of the season. The essence of the game is simple: fill a hand ball call five subjects on a given topic opponent. For example, "I know 5 warm accessories: socks, sweaters, golf, jacket, pants.


Even if the rain went easy on the street, it's not a reason to refuse to walk at all. Encourage your child to go outside under the canopy and come up with a rhyme to the objects around you. For example, the "rain - leader", "ground-field".


Warm up can be a very simple way - to play hide and seek in the classic. Only here you can show and hide the creative child, and small bright objects in the autumn leaves. Thus you and your child will be a team to search for hidden "treasure."

modern basketball

Sport can be different. Take a plastic bucket and a bright circular objects of any shape (chestnuts, tennis balls or Grasshopper), to arrange a competition with a child. Who will fall more times in the "basket", will be given the packet of sweets.


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