Top 10 ways to reduce pain in childbirth with the help of Chinese acupressure

Acupressure helps the expectant mother to cope with problems during pregnancy and childbirth

Few can boast that it is not afraid of giving birth. Indeed, stories mothers, girlfriends, numerous publications on social networks - all this strengthens anxious expectations and significantly increases the probability that generic pain really will be very strong. After all, fear triggers the release of stress hormones that spazmiruyutsya muscles and increase pain.

So the first thing to do - is to abandon fear and concentrate on preparing for easy and maloboleznennym leave.

Top 10 ways to reduce pain during labor /

What skills are really needed

The strongest feeling of fear makes people unknown. Understanding what is going on, greatly reduces this probability. So, try to learn about all the stages of labor and the rules of their behavior in them as much as possible.
This will help you training courses for childbirth, which will teach you proper breathing, show simple but effective massage techniques to help relieve the pain.

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Be sure to discuss with your gynecologist or doctor who will accept your labors are acceptable for you pain relief methods.

Top 10 ways to reduce pain during labor /

What methods of pain management offer the hospital

In modern hospitals for pain relief offer

  • leaping to the ball, water treatments.
  • Find out more about the possibility of applying in your case epidurals, during which in the intervertebral space is injected anesthetic.
  • you are among the staunch opponents of the application at the time of delivery of drugs? Then take a look at one of the oldest, but it is very effective means of pain relief in labor - Chinese acupressure.

The strength of acupressure

Acupressure - a method by which to important points on our body, exerting pressure with your finger, elbow or special sticks (not to be confused with acupuncture - acupuncture). According to Chinese physicians, the human body is divided into line-meridians that correspond to different organs and systems.

If any part of the body there is a problem, the impact on the projection point pribolevshy body helps to quickly and effectively deal with the sickness. This statement can be rightfully attributed to childbirth.

Top 10 ways to reduce pain during labor /

important points

There are some important acupressure points, pressing or rubbing that you ease the pain in labor:

  1. Hard massage ball with spikes can be put under the waist, lying in bed or standing up against a wall. Thus stimulated acupressure points in the lower back and sacrum.
  2. At birth squeeze a small comb, comb in his hand: a great acupressure!
  3. Point "Hae-gu" is located between the first and second metacarpal bones of the hand, is closer to the middle of the second metacarpal bone cyst in the fossa. Impact it enhances uterine contractions and pain. This view is recommended to accelerate stimulate the onset of labor and pushing.
  4. The point of "San Yin Jiao" It is above the ankle on the inside, around the palm above the bone. It is used for induction of labor at perenashivanii or weakness of labor contributes to cervical dilatation, analgesic. The point may be sensitive - and it's one of the signs that you have found it right.
  5. Point "Kun Lun" - a point above the heel (trough on the outside ankle), on both legs. Stimulate childbirth, promotes disclosure of the cervix. It should be used with perenashivanii pregnancy and childbirth in the weakness of labor and retained placenta rejection.
  6. Point "Yong Quan" It is located in a recess in the middle of the sole, on both legs. This point helps direct the flow of energy down, which is considered to be favorable during the transition phase of labor, before pushing. It helps to calm and reduce anxiety. Pressure on this point can be practiced prior to delivery, if you want to relieve stress.
  7. The point of "Jian-Jing" It is located in the middle of the shoulder at the top of the shoulder muscles, and at the level of the 7th vertebra. It is responsible for the relaxation and stimulation of childbirth, promotes a more rapid lowering of the child's head in the pelvis.
  8. The point of "Tai-Chun" located on top of the foot and helps the body to direct all energy to accelerate delivery, can be used together with the point at hand. Is used when a woman resists and struggles tired to take the pressure off.
  9. Point "Tzu Liao" - on top of the second "Liao eight points" located in the sacral holes. It helps reduce pain during labor and to relieve tension in the sacrum.
  10. To ease pain of childbirth, pre-locate all points. If you are uncomfortable, just massage your temples or ask her husband. And check with your doctor: contraindications to the use of acupressure is minimal, but the risk of you to anything

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