Do not throw away: how to use an old toothbrush

The toothbrush can replace dozens of different tools for the house.

Kitchen stove

Old toothbrush can be used to clean the burners and cooker.

The seams between the tiles

Dip the brush into the bleach solution and rub her dirty place. And after - wash the tile with clean water.

Footprints in the walls

If the walls of your home, you have found traces of creativity, try to remove them with a toothbrush. Put on her shaving cream and rub it in the face with gentle movements.

Do not throw away: how to use an old toothbrush /

computer keyboard

Ordinary cloth is very hard to get the dust that has accumulated between the keys on the keyboard. Therefore, we recommend using a dry brush with stiff bristles.

Cheese grater

We all know how difficult it is to wash the cheese grater from residues. Try to remove them with a dry toothbrush.

Unruly hair

If your hair looks messy, comb strands toothbrush dipped hairspray.


Hair dryer can be cleaned from dust with a dry brush. Make a cleaning every 1-2 weeks.

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