5 ways to find work

Before you - a true 5 ways to find a job. If you recognize yourself among them, it is time to change something.

Make summary somehow

Many people think that if you write a short text about yourself negligent - it will be more than enough for an employer to pay attention to them. But to take it to seriously.

Do not pay attention to literacy

Even if you do not work with texts, errors in the summary simply unacceptable. It is better to check with the help of a dictionary and do everything that will help you get rid of the bugs.

Looking for a job just waiting for a call

Most people think that if they placed a resume, nothing else to do but just sit and wait for a call from the company. So wrong! You must send summary, Call and remind yourself.


At the interview behave unprofessionally

On interview you have to be confident and not to falter in the dialogues. Be sure to prepare at home - find out as much as possible about the company.

Scold previous employer

You will ask, why did you leave your last job. Be nice and do not speak about the past employer bad.

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