Alphabet needlewoman: how easy and simple hem jeans

It does not always have time to visit the studio, to be shortened to a few centimeters jeans. In such situations, you can do it yourself at home.

We offer an easy way to help shorten jeans.

To work needed:

  • thread;
  • needle;
  • line;
  • pins.

How easy to hem jeans

1. You must wear jeans, fold the edges so that the floor remained to approximately 1-1.5 cm., And stab pins.

2. Then you need to walk around the room to podernulis pants up a little, and let the length by 1 cm. This will help determine how many centimeters you need to shorten the length of the leg. For example, the left figure of 9.5 cm.

How to easily hem jeans / open sources

3. Invertable sleeve and folded the 4.7 cm. (Half of 9.5 cm.), Measured from the bottom to the native hem.

How to easily hem jeans / open sources

4. To measure the distance to 4.7 cm across the hems and teasing needles. Needles need to stick movement across the foot of the machine.

5. Then stitched by a typewriter. Line on the edge of doing native hem.

How to easily hem jeans / open sources

6. After Measure out 1.5 cm. done by line and cut off the excess.

You will be interested to know, as the flash thickness on a typewriter