Doctor's advice: how to make a visit to the dentist enjoyable and healthy teeth

When was the last time you bought a toothbrush? And when visiting the dentist for prevention, but not because of the pain, or tooth decay?

We know that you need to change your toothbrush every 3 months. But we often forget that adults need to visit the dentist every six months, and children - every 3-4 months with the emergence of the first tooth. In the medical area network "Dobrobut" at a charity festival Charity Weekend. Healthy day with Masha Yefrosinina August 31, 2019 dentists in practice will demonstrate how to properly care for the oral cavity in adults and children.

Oral care - is not only clean teeth two times per day. Inna Kolotenko doctor periodontist medical network "Dobrobut", explains that the prevention of dental disease starts with the daily care and depends on a person's health.

What should you do every day?

Brush your teethYou do not need to hurry, for two minutes twice a day. Ideal - to do it after every meal. If this is not possible - the mouth should be rinsed with water or a liquid for rinsing.

It is important to clean the cheek and tongue. On the surface of the tongue between the microscopic papillae accumulated bacteria and food residues. Because of this there is a white film which causes halitosis. To avoid this, it is necessary toothbrush or tongue scraper to clean the surface after each brushing.

The toothbrush does not get into the gaps between the teeth. Only a special thread - floss - cleans the spaces between teeth. Some use conventional filament-floss instead of thread. Although they are easy to damage the gums, and they are not friendly to the oral cavity.

It is also important, as you brush your teeth. The pressing force, the intensity of the friction and the direction of movement play a role. Comprehensive care forms a dentist. After all, only considering the peculiarities of the oral cavity (age, condition of the gums, particularly jaw) matched's Skin funds for your smile. Dentist selects toothbrush - manual or electric, and conducts hygiene lesson for children is a basic useful skills that will facilitate the children to the care of the teeth in the future.

August 31 on the "Charity Weekend. Healthy day with Masha Yefrosinina "everyone can try to brush your teeth in the rules receive oral doctor's advice on proper cleaning of mouth and learn about the consequences of improper care.

When you need to contact your dentist?

Toothache, sore gums or mandibular joints, halitosis, bleeding gums while brushing the teeth or eating a solid food - occasion seek emergency dentist. These problems can be prevented if the doctor regularly - ideally twice a year. The majority of dental problems are no external manifestations in the beginning, they can detect only a doctor at the reception.


There is a relationship between inflammation of the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth, and diabetes, problems with the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, or joints. For example, diabetes reduces the body's ability to fight infections, so gum disease often occur in a more severe form.

Oral health depends on our food. Sweets, tea, coffee, sodas, alcohol destroys tooth enamel. Alcohol and carbonated beverages contain excessive amounts of phosphorus, which leaches calcium from the body. This leads to tooth decay and gum disease. If you want to drink something harmful - drink through a straw, so drink contact with enamel will be minimal.

Oral Care - a set of simple operations that can be performed almost at the subconscious level. However, they maintain the health of teeth, and you will have fewer reasons to feel discomfort and pain. Come to the "Charity Weekend. Healthy day with Masha Yefrosinina "to spend time with benefits: relax during performances of stars have fun at the various thematic areas and to acquire knowledge, how to make a healthy smile!