5 foods that will make you even more hungry

Food can not only satisfy your body, but also... make more hungry. We understand why.

Some foods awaken in you an extra appetite - but that does not mean that they are easily absorbed by the body and can be absorbed in large quantities without harm to health and figure. Here is an example of five foods that you should avoid if you do not want to overeat.


This porridge is considered one of the most health food, though it is good for the digestive system, it protects the stomach from the effects of irritants such as coffee, spicy food or nicotine. However, the transition to a breakfast of oatmeal on the water and fruits will not make you slimmer. If breakfast consists of some carbohydrates - even porridge refers to slow carbohydrates - you feel hungry long before the time comes to dinner. Hunger can overtake you already upon arrival to work - and there is a risk to satisfy his cookies or other sweets for the company with his colleagues.

To really get enough to porridge is better to add protein foods: eggs, avocado or nuts.

Sausage and sausage

Besides the fact that they use a raw material of dubious quality, far from the real meat, sausages and sausage contains sodium glutamate - and it increases the appetite and a half to two times. Also, these products add a lot of salt, which also provokes us to eat them much more than they should. This, incidentally, are dangerous and chips: all know the situation, when you try a piece, and then hard to break away.

Since the quality hot dogs and sausages are not less than one kilogram of meat, then preference should be given to it last. In any case, it is perfectly fill you even a small amount, contains less fat, and it contains no harmful additives.

Ketchup, sauces, salad dressings

If a part of the sauce, and ketchup is not only natural products and spices, and the shelf life - a few months or even a year, then it's definitely a bad addition to your diet. They often add corn syrup, which contains a lot of fructose, slows metabolism and the production of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for the feeling of satiety.

Remember that all the finished salad dressings on the amount of fat and salt are as good as mayonnaise, because it is better to prepare their own meals based on sourdough or yogurt.

fat-free products

When the product packaging states that it has no fat, people often take it as a signal that can be eaten without restriction. But the "low-fat" - is not the same thing as "useful" or "healthy". Especially in low-fat dairy products, for example, add more sugar than foods with a standard fat to make them more palatable.

Thus, drinking a bottle of low-fat yogurt, you'll use less fat but more carbohydrates and still remain hungry. Accordingly, you will drink, or even more than that of yogurt, absorbing the extra carbohydrates and calories, or You will continue to "snacking" eating a lot more than would use during a normal reception food.


These fruits - a great snack and a way to "stay one's stomach". But apples are quickly digested, and they contain acid provokes an even greater hunger. If you aspire to have a meal with the benefit of the organism, it is better to have a package with a mini-carrots, lean cookies or unsalted nuts. Everything that has a sour, salty or sweet taste - only further whetted your appetite.

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