Tips for weight loss in adulthood

The problem of obesity is relevant to people of all ages, but the diet for each age group has its own characteristics.

Because after 40 years of physical activity man reduced weight typed quickly. Scientists from the United States have shown that elderly people every year lose about 1% of muscle tissue.

Metabolic rate is reduced accordingly, and less calories burned.

To avoid obesity or to lose too much, nutritionists advise to follow a few rules.

  • Power training

Only two or three strength training during the week. They should perform, in addition to exercise to strengthen the cardiovascular system. To avoid injury, nutritionists advise people of mature age to apply to coaches or use the Internet benefits.

  • Walking

For normal metabolism and maintain the optimal weight important active lifestyle in general. Try to walk, to walk in his spare time. 5-7 thousand steps a day will benefit your body!

  • Keep an eye on your calorie servings.
Many dieters are faced with the problem of increased caloric intake.

They believe that eating is not a lot, but do not count calories, so still pawing with carbohydrates and fats.

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