Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: causes, consequences and prevention of disease

This delicate problem can deliver a lot of inconvenience and discomfort pregnant, influence the health of the woman and her child, and have further serious consequences. What are the causes and methods of prevention of this unpleasant disease?

According to research 70% of pregnant women suffer from this unpleasant phenomenon as hemorrhoids. While many believe that he only appears during the generative process, it is not quite true. As practice shows, hemorrhoids appear during caesarean section and birth - it's just a factor in which exacerbated the latent disease.


The causes of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

  • hormonal changes during pregnancy, which helps to relax the muscles;
  • the growing uterus, which puts pressure on the surrounding organs;
  • constipation during pregnancy;
  • overweight;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • the lack of a balanced diet.

Whether to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy?
All the experts in this matter clearly inclined to believe that to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant women is necessary because otherwise the consequences can be very different:

  • constant pain;
  • fear of defecation;
  • inability to normal emptying;
  • gradual deterioration of health;
  • the formation of large hemorrhoids, due to the constant inflammation that might start dying off of tissue;
  • penetration of a variety of infections that can affect the baby's health;
  • in advanced hemorrhoids, there may be anemia caused by chronic bleeding, which will affect the crumbs in the form of hypoxia and anemia;
  • a sharp deterioration in the state of women immediately after delivery.

That is why the treatment of hemorrhoids should begin with the appearance of the very first of its symptoms.


To a pregnant woman as much as possible to minimize the occurrence of hemorrhoids, follow basic preventive steps:

  • observe a balanced diet;
  • to lead a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • not to neglect the moderate exercise;
  • to comply with all the rules of hygiene.

Given the fact that during pregnancy, hemorrhoids can develop very rapidly, it is necessary to start its treatment as well instantly. After the examination, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate medication, which in modern medical industry proven as sufficiently safe products that do not bring any harm to the health of mother or her fetus, even when used in the first trimester pregnancy.

When lighter initial stages of hemorrhoids, physicians frequently use conservative therapies as ointments, gels, suppositories, which are considered to be more safe for a pregnant woman and child in her womb.

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