How to prepare soup for winter: tips

Very simple: you need to think about food in advance and make Barshchou harvesting now. And nutritionists claim that autumn vegetables is much more useful than those that will be sold in the winter. Besides such preform save time. 15 minutes - and a hot soup is ready. And as far as this use is also beneficial - told in the story of the program "Vikna-News" at the STB correspondent Artyom Sorokin.

With him and the team, "Vіkon" personal life hacking shared Ukrainian mistress named Vera Stinyanskaya. As the woman never stops circulation of borscht in her family. It is guided by only one rule: go to the market, buy vegetables not yet at exorbitant prices, and to make preparations for the winter.

All you need to purchase: onions, beets, carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbage.

How to prepare a template for borscht:

  • Cut the peppers, onions and grate the carrots and beets;
  • fry in a frying pan the onion, carrots and peppers. Then add the grated beets and tomatoes;
  • season with a mixture of garlic and spices to your taste and leave to stew;
  • ready mix spread on sudochki (one portion - one three-liter pot borscht);
  • Keep in the freezer at least through the winter.

Use a blank can be anytime. vegetable set value at three times the cost in the fall of about 90 USD. While the price in winter, for example, on the pepper is rising almost three times, and carrots - in half. And most importantly - the benefits of autumn vegetables much more.

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