How to learn to save up to 7 days to fix the habit

Day 1. Costs

To increasing the amount of money due economy, You need to spend less than you receive. Therefore, you must learn to keep score of costs and know exactly how much you spend and on what exactly.

Replace the phone or tablet app for tracking expenses. During the day, burn it every hryvnia spent.

Day 2. earnings

You should always have information about their money and know your average income. Collect all payments for the last year and calculate, for how much, on average you can expect every 30 days. Analyze what month was the most profitable that it promoted.

How to learn to save up to 7 days to fix the habit /

Day 3. Motivation

It's time to make savings and consider what purpose it will help to achieve.

Decide on the financial goals and long-term strategy. How much money do you need? Maybe get them, if you just cut spending? If not, decide what should be done to make the dream a reality.

Day 4. Find ways to save

Calculate how much money is wasted - in the take-out coffee, lunches, etc. Try to eliminate unnecessary background expenditure. For starters, start with a harmful financial habits and one background rate and each subsequent week add new to them.

How to learn to save up to 7 days to fix the habit /

Day 5. lists

As you know, saving and planning are inextricably linked. Therefore, we must learn to think for the future and, of course, make lists and schedules.

Start with 2 lists - menus for the next week and a list of purchases. Think of all meals and snacks. Get in the habit of making the list of products that end.

Day 6. budgeting

Begin to paint the financial plan for the month and year. Try to remember all expenses, match them with revenue.

With a finished model will be easier to improve the budget and make changes to it, because the global goal is to make it a habit.

Day 7. Rendezvous with money

You should plan on a weekly schedule the day and time that you will devote Finance - check the items of income and expenses, to start a new list of products, to make adjustments to budget.

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