5 reasons why you need to eat apples

apples reduce cholesterol

Apples contain pectin. It helps rid the body of excess cholesterol, reducing the likelihood of clogging of blood vessels and reducing the likelihood of a heart attack.

prolong life

Scientists believe that the systematic use of apples prolongs life by 10 percent, increased physical activity and vitality.

strengthen the immune system

Apples a lot of vitamin C. In the beginning the season of colds apples - one of the most accessible sources of this important vitamin for our immunity, an antioxidant. And if you and I'm sorry, the best food to restore health than baked apples, not find.

5 reasons why you should eat apples / pixabay.com

Apples restore blood

They are rich in iron, and the regular use apples It increases the level of hemoglobin, which is useful in anemia, and after a lot of blood loss.

brush your teeth

Solid peel apples massages and strengthens the gums. Take note on the advice of grandmothers, "When the hand is not a toothbrush, just eat an apple."

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