Why varto give a child a constructor

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Such a game is necessary in order to be able to learn to think outside the box and develop unique ideas.

LEGO you can bring your child's nameless greediness, even if it's a game of impersonal perevag for the development of rosy skills, analytical minds, fine motor skills and spacious thought. Small details give the ability to create a whole new world, with this far away you can create your own stories in the company of friends and fathers. In this article, it is probable to look at the main advantages of the designer, yakі confirm that Lego is right є cіkavim and a brown gift.

Vesela gray and water hour

The constructor is bigger, lower, just a cicada toy. It is also a valuable tool for learning in early childhood. Lego vmagaє vіd malyukіv vykoristannya raznomanіtnyh ruhіv (gagging with fingers, plucking, twisting, shovhannya, onslaught), to manipulate small zeglinkas. These movements help to develop fine motor skills, improve accuracy and control over the coordination of robotics. Tsі navіchki nebhіdnі for rich vidіv іyalnostі in life, such as writing, painting and painting dishes. As if you are planning to win a designer for a preschool learner, choose a set of appropriately up to a century and pay for a small child for an hour. For preschool age, there are such sets, like LEGO Duplo My First, Classic or Town.

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Cicavi constructor for children of the school age. Folding Lego to teach students the basic concepts of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) through a practical game. You can help to induce the basis of interest and understanding of these important subjects. To give LEGO bricks the ability to children to be the most inventive speech and the power of all-worldliness, which will help develop their creativity and manifest. Such a game is necessary in order to be able to learn to think outside the box and develop unique ideas. If the children are going to build a single model from the designer, then it is up to them to scrutinize the instructions and to sort out, how to fold the pieces, so that the result is satisfying. This process helps to develop the skills of solving problems, the shards of the podletka are trained to pay the quirks and know the solution for the completion of the work. So, if it can be difficult in this country, then the fathers can come to the rescue. But if life is completed, and the child is ready to start the model, I want to be intimidating and nadaly, to inspire if everything is unreasonable and important, which is super important in all aspects of life.

Development of communication and work in a team

A lot of today's toys are insured more importantly on an individual basis. However, in this plan, LEGO is universal, even if it is acceptable to play independently, and in a team. If you have a company of children in your house, call on them to fold the designer at once, and to play around with already folded. In order to encourage the LEGO model at once, children start talking one by one, listening to their thoughts, needs, and also hearing others and their opinions. Through different roles in the group, new recruits develop, ideas about negotiations and compromises are made. The team work wants to take a look, exchange ideas, make social contacts.

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