7 products that can cheer you up

If you feel sluggish and lethargic, add to the diet of 7 magic foods to restore vitality and good mood.

1. Spinach. Low-calorie foods that can be added and toasts, and saladAnd dinner.

2. Bananas. If you must snack, choose a banana instead of a candy bar. Due to fructose and fiber, he will contribute to the proper consumption of carbohydrates, and if you eat a banana for breakfast, he will charge you with energy for the day.

3. Honey. Useful sweetness that saturate us with antioxidants and micronutrients. As dessert one tea spoon enough.

4. apples. The fruit is rich in pectin, it helps us to absorb energy. Apples - a good tool to cheer up, wake up and satisfy your hunger.

7 products that can cheer you up / istockphoto.com

5. Almond. Good source of energy, which will be enough for a whole day, if, for example, in the morning you will eat a small handful almonds. And it is a storehouse of protein, magnesium and vitamin B2, which will save you from a bad mood.

6. Oatmeal. For breakfast, eat it really is sometimes useful.

Oatmeal has in its composition many B vitamins, as they confront stress.

7. Garnet. A unique product because it contains almost the entire range of vitamins, and magnesium with more potassium. You can make fresh juice with orange!

7 products that can cheer you up / istockphoto.com

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