There is no sumish that breast milk: how to cook sumish

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Women lose their milk due to stress, and the sum is deficient at the same time. Dr. Komarovsky rozpov_v, how to prepare sumish from cow's milk

Women at a time to be brought to the people at the bottom of the bombings, the metro, at the expensive middle of the shelling. Against this background, it is important to improve lactation. That one is quiet, from whom it is laden, unfortunately, milk can come out on aphids.

Why don't you dare to buy sumish? Unfortunately, at the same time there is a great deficit. On the basis of the request on his side of Facebook, Dr. Komarovsky.

Children of war are born in the subway and bomb shelters

Korov'yache milk can be vikoristovuvat in the coming rank: 120 ml of milk (boiled!) + 80 ml of boiled water + 1.5 teaspoons of zucru. For a month, a child without an annual fight for health can be born with cow's milk. it's a month to make contact with civilization and still buy some money," Yevhen Komarovsky wrote.

Lіkar pіdkresliv, scho whether it's dry sumіsh better for cow's milk: cleaner, more stable in the warehouse, revenge vitamins.

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It is important that both milk and water should be boiled. We wrote about the tragedy, if mother godovala children with cow's milk, diluted with unboiled well water

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