Late pregnancy: an objective view of scientists on motherhood after 40 years

Why motherhood is postponed? What is fraught with late pregnancy? And are there alternative fertilization methods implemented later desire to have a child of both men held in the profession?

Doctors Reproduction and Genetics, presented his view on the birth rate problem. According to doctors, one of the reasons - in the changed model of the family. Today both husband and wife want to be realized in the profession, to create a material base. As a result - motherhood is postponed ...

In 2013, the average age of women who decide to become mothers, was 34.5 years, and in 2019 - for 37 years. In this age of the woman often plays a decisive role.

Today, there are methods to help couples become parents later in life. Actively developing IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

Later my mother: an objective view of scientists on later motherhood /

In addition, women who are not planning to become mothers under 35, it is possible to freeze egg. This makes it possible in the future to increase the chance of pregnancy and reduce the risk of fetal abnormalities.

However, despite the advances in modern medicine, doctors remind: the peak of fertility in women - 24 years. After 35 years of sharply declining ovarian reserve and reduced quality of oocytes. And after 43 years, the probability of having a child with using their own oocytes (female germ cells) is less than 3%.

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