Does the liver break down with a lack of vitamin K

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Liver mom
Liver mom
Liver mom

In fact, his mother-liver is not his own.

In such questions, I like to dig out where the question came from. It is clear that this is nonsense, but it originated somewhere, gradually swelled and surfaced. It is interesting to follow this case.

Vitamin K and the liver are indeed linked, but not like that.

Vitamin K is needed to balance the coagulation and anticoagulant systems in our body. It helps blood clotting.

Contrary to popular nonsense, vitamin K does not thicken our blood. But he is needed to make a blood clot in time.

If a blood vessel breaks, then vitamin K, along with his buddies, quickly closes the hole.

Part of vitamin K is given to us by microbes from the intestines, but we must eat the rest with food.

Vitamin K is fat-soluble. It is found only with oils. And even in the liver it enters not through the blood, but through the lymphatic vessels from the intestines, surrounded by droplets of fat.

A caring mother-liver changes vitamin K into a new fat shirt and sends him to walk along the bloodstream. It is at the time of dressing that vitamin K is especially vulnerable.

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If the liver-mother does not fulfill her parental duties, drinks and suffers from cirrhosis, then she does not change Vitamin K into a new shirt. No one will let a poorly dressed vitamin K into the blood. This may cause bleeding.

It turns out that if not everything is in order with the liver, then vitamin K suffers. That is, the victim here is not the liver, but vitamin K.

Evil tongues say that the matter is not in the vitamin itself, but in his friends. Even if vitamin K by cunning managed to bargain for a new shirt, then without his friends he will not be able to make blood clots.

The fact is that his mother-liver is not native to him. She gives birth to only those very fellow helpers. If the mother-liver turned out to be a drunken drunkard, then she does not give birth to anyone, and the lone vitamin K cannot stop the blood.

Briefly speaking

Without vitamin K, the mother-liver will live calmly and will not even remember about it. But he can't do anything without her. The opposite is true.

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