How to drink coffee, to get the maximum vitality

If the coffee is no longer "work" and does not help to cheer up - take note of how we can fix it.

Coffee can carry the organism and harms and benefit - all a matter of dosage and the correct use. We are of course, about the present ground coffeeAnd not soluble powder with lots of sugar.

How to drink coffee, to extract the maximum benefit and avoid the negative consequences? Here are a few simple rules.

Get rid of the habit of drinking coffee every morning

Morning coffee for many people - a mandatory ritual. But with daily use of the body quickly gets used to caffeine and no longer reacts to it the desired vigor. Accordingly, you need more coffee, but it is harmful to the cardiovascular system and threatening dehydration. Not to mention the darkening of the teeth and the appearance of more wrinkles.

How to? Drink coffee before doing the really important tasks when you need maximum concentration and composure. So you can count on the fact that caffeine is really invigorate you and give the necessary strength body and brain.

What can replace the morning coffee? Sour apples, water with lemon. If you need to preserve the ritual - whether brew herbal tea infusions.

Avoid coffee before an important event related to people

This rule is for introverts. If you will be a presentation, meeting, public speaking, meeting with important people and any social activism, the coffee does not help you to gather courage. We introverts very expectation of interaction with people so speeds up the heart rate and raises blood pressure is that a serving of caffeine can completely unsettle them and get too nervous.

Stop drinking coffee before going to sleep well

To caffeine completely redesigned body, you need 8 to 14 hours - all people individually, depending on the rate of metabolism. Respectively, for 14 hours before bedtime is desirable to stop drinking beverages containing caffeine, if you want to fully relax and qualitatively. Yes, this means that in the lunch should not drink coffee.

Take breaks in the use of caffeine

And it is important not to replace coffee Energy. Give your body a little break the habit of caffeine to actively react to it after the break. Stop drinking coffee for the coffee lover this is not easier than to stop smoking for the smoker. But still worth periodically arrange yourself this "Challenge". And the taste of coffee sparkle with new colors, and the power of the will will train and caffeine again will invigorate you. To minimize the "cancel" symptoms, try not to drink coffee two days in a row and make it through the day.

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