Childbirth, like Meghan Markle: what you need to know about hypnorod

Hypnorods are gaining more and more popularity in the world. They are also practiced in Ukraine. What is important to know about hypnosis childbirth? The woman in labor, doula and doctors told about it

Most recently, June 4, Meghan Markle gave birth to her second child. Like Kate Middleton, she is a hypnotist. There are many other famous mothers among their admirers - Demi Moore, Pamela Anderson, Jessica Alba and Kate Middleton. Ukrainian mothers keep up with modern world trends and also give birth with the help of hypnosis.

How hypnosis occurs: personal experience

Fear of giving birth after first birth from Kiev, Tamara was huge. “To be honest, we didn’t prepare for them - neither I, nor my husband,” she recalls. - This is probably why everything went so hard. When the pregnancy test showed two stripes again, I was terrified. I cried, my husband reassured ”. So several months of pregnancy passed. But once Tamara's husband, coming home from work, said that a colleague had a son, and the birth went well: classes in courses for future parents helped. Tamara and Anton signed up for them, and there they first heard about hypnorods and mastered the tools of this techniques: breathing practices, relaxation, entering a trance state, positive affirmations - affirmations.

“Thanks to the training and homework (my husband and I practiced everything at home), when the birth began, I knew that this day would be wonderful, no matter what (we were flooded by the neighbors). During the course we were taught to have a positive calm attitude, to find points of support ”,
- the woman recalls.

The first waves (in hypnorods this word is called contractions) passed very calmly at Tamara, she experienced them at home, imagining how with each exhalation the body becomes soft and flexible, I visualized a rosebud that opens. When the interval between the waves narrowed, the couple went to the hospital.

“I can't say that I was not scared at all. But thanks to the preparation, I knew what to do with it, - the woman shares. - I breathed deeply, my husband spoke to me in a hypnotic language all sorts of important words. I felt comfortable, I felt everything, understood, while productive contractions did not affect my relaxed body in any way. Hypnorods don't turn off the sensation. You seem to be half asleep. I could answer questions, drink water, and go back into a trance. "

At some point, beautiful pictures of what her husband was telling appeared in Tamara's head. And then she felt her attempts begin to press. “I opened my eyes and saw my husband smiling,” she recalls. - He was silent for 40 minutes, and I just breathed deeply. And then the birth of a child began. For a second I stopped, panicked somewhere, and a sharp pain covered me. But, closing my eyes, I remembered the importance of calmness, I just looked at my stomach, and when it came spontaneous pushing out of the baby by the body, I just did not hold back, but I did not push, as in the first childbirth. It was as if I was breathing out my baby. In 15 minutes we became parents. This is a completely different experience. Now I know that childbirth can be soft and wonderful. My daughter was born in love and work, in faith and support. "

During childbirth, it is important to feel your body and do what it wants /

Who will teach you to give birth under hypnosis

As we can see from Tamara's story, a woman during hyprods is not a puppet in the hands of a hypnotist, she gives is aware of what is happening and works, applying the knowledge and skills gained during the preparation. Where can you learn this? You can read the books of the author of the method of hypnosis, Mary Mongan. She is a hypnotherapist, mother of four children. it “A book about healthy and safe childbirth. Hypnorods - Mongan Method " (UAH 125). There are also many free videos on the net on this topic.

The second option is like Tamara, to undergo training in courses for pregnant women (the average price in Kiev for 5 lessons is UAH 3000) and personally work with an instructor in hypnology. “Yes, there are standard affirmations. But they are not suitable for everyone, because every woman has her own background. What's good for one may not be for another. During preparation, we can change the text of the affirmation depending on the specific story ", - says hypnodoula, an instructor in preparing for childbirth, psychologist, founder of the capital's center for family development Ba-Boo Marina Shimkova.

Now there are few Ukrainian specialists who professionally know the Mongan method, but the situation is improving. And, interestingly, not only psychologists, doulas, but also obstetricians go to study it.

“I intuitively used visualization in my work, relaxation techniques that also work in hypnorods. And now I want to transfer this knowledge into the mode of awareness, so I am going to learn this method, - shares obstetrician of the Mother and Child Medical Center Natalya Knyazeva. - Now, when you pass three delivery rooms, there are two screams, and in the third there is silence, but you want as many women as possible to give birth in a stream of happiness. I want to see a relaxed happy woman after childbirth, not staggering, bled from hellish labor. Hypnorods allow you to achieve this goal. "

Such a long-awaited meeting /

It's important to be in the flow

Hypnorods use different trance induction techniques and different levels of hypnosis to deepen the trance state. “There is a superficial trance, we all get into it every 50 minutes. They say about him "hang out": the gaze stops, the state of thoughtfulness, - says Marina Shimkova. - the next, deeper, when breathing slows down. There is an even deeper state when a person feels what is happening to him, but he is not uncomfortable. Yes, contractions continue to go on, but they are comfortable enough for a woman. At the same time, it is important to understand that hypnosis is not a magic wand for pain. It's just that the sensations are much more comfortable, more pleasant than without the use of these tools. "

A woman can use self-hypnosis by running certain phrases in her head. She can have a partner trained in the method of hypnology - a husband, girlfriend, mother-in-law, doula

However, according to the obstetrician, Head of the department of the Kiev maternity hospital №3 Lyubov Mochalova Many women in childbirth themselves - without anyone's help and without knowledge of techniques - fall into a trance state: this is what nature intended. “But, unfortunately, women in labor often fall out of the stream. This is due to external factors: light, questions from the medical staff, etc. - says Natalia Knyazeva. "Therefore, it is good if there is a person next to her who will give support and create a security regime so that she can stay in the desired meditative state."

By the way, finally in Ukrainian maternity hospital began to understand the importance of how the atmosphere in the delivery room affects the process of childbirth. Indeed, in order for the hormone oxytocin - the main assistant of a woman in childbirth - to be well produced, it is necessary that it be dark, warm and quiet. Now, within the framework of the program "Home childbirth under the protection of a maternity hospital", there have appeared delivery rooms, which not only have modern equipment, but the atmosphere is as close to home as possible. For example, blackout curtains hang on the windows, the lighting can be adjusted. The entourage is as close as possible to the home atmosphere, plus super-modern equipment. But the most important thing is the attitude and behavior of the staff. The midwife offers herbal tea, healing candles. The woman in labor is being given a massage.

“We use everything that can help to give birth. I say all the time: listen to yourself - what suits you best. It can be both hypnotic techniques and just certain postures for relaxation, ”
- says Lyubov Mochalova.

The most precious "handshake" in mom's life /

Relax for every day

Many of the techniques that Mary Mongan suggests for hypnorods can be applied to everyday life. For example, when you need to relax. Inhale with the stomach in 4 counts (we hold the tip of the tongue behind the front upper teeth). And then exhale, "blow off" the stomach, mentally counting to eight. And so we repeat several times. It helps to focus on your body, improve oxygen metabolism and calm down.

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