Laser hair removal before and after tanning: precautions

Is it possible to do laser hair removal in summer? Why is laser hair removal after sunburn dangerous? The main rules and warnings for this procedure in the hot season

The season of short skirts has come, and the problem of unwanted body hair has once again "got out on the people" in all its glory. It is in the summer that they are always inappropriate and disturb the woman most of all. However, it is in the summer that doctors usually impose a taboo on the most effective method of hair removal - laser hair removal. The reason is simple: laser exposure to tanned skin can cause burns and pigmentation. Do you really have to postpone laser hair removal until the fall and return to the old and proven, but so uncomfortable razor? In fact, modern hair removal lasers allow the procedure to be carried out in the summer and even after sunbathing. The main thing is to observe certain precautions.

How modern laser hair removal works

Modern lasers do not cause burns on the body /

Why does body hair really stop growing after laser hair removal? The whole secret is in the peculiarities of this procedure. During depilation (by any method, be it a razor, wax removal or the now fashionable shugaring), the hair shaft is removed above the skin surface, while the hair follicle remains intact. With laser hair removal, radiation of a certain power and wavelength is absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair (melanin). Not only the hair from the tips to the root is heated, but also the vessels that feed the follicle. Some hairs are literally burned out already during the procedure. The remaining hair is rejected by the skin due to the death of the bulb and overheating of blood vessels.

It is this effect that until recently served as a contraindication for laser hair removal in the hot season. Lasers of the old type, along with the hairs, also heated the skin around. If the skin is tanned (that is, the content of melanin is increased), it absorbs radiation as well as hair. As a result, due to this procedure, women received real burns. Modern diode lasers have eliminated this disadvantage. They are designed in such a way that the radiation is directed to the hair without affecting the skin. Therefore, the laser hair removal procedure is now acceptable even in summer.

Can i do laser hair removal before vacation?

Do laser hair removal two weeks before vacation /

If you are going to flaunt smooth legs at the resort, laser hair removal should be done two weeks before departure. First, for real effect. After laser hair removal, the hair does not fall out immediately; it takes 14 days to completely tear off the "wool coat" from the area where the hair removal was carried out. Secondly, for security reasons. Despite the fact that this procedure is considered gentle with a modern laser, the sensitivity of the skin will be increased for several more days.

For three days after laser hair removal, you cannot go to the pool, sauna and even take a hot bath. It is recommended to protect the epilation zone from sun exposure with clothes for two weeks. As a last resort, you can use sunscreen with high UV protection (SPF 35+ and above). Agree, it is not so easy to comply with such conditions at the resort. Therefore, it is better to think about the procedure in advance.

Is it possible to do laser hair removal after sunburn?

Immediately after tanning, the body must not be exposed to the laser /

If you just returned from vacation and immediately ran to a beauty salon, you will most likely be denied laser hair removal. No self-respecting master will risk the beauty and health of the client, and will not undertake to irradiate the skin with a laser for at least three days after intense tanning on the beach or in the solarium. No matter how advanced modern technology is, the likelihood of burns on the skin with active production of melanin has not yet been canceled.

The optimal time interval between sunbathing and laser hair removal is two weeks. During this time, you need to, if possible, exclude the effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, postpone forays into the river and change open clothes to closed ones. Also remember that (regardless of the season) two weeks before laser hair removal, it is prohibited:

  • pull out hairs in the epilation area in any way; only razor or depilatory cream allowed
  • take antibiotics of the tetracycline group, as well as sulfonamides and fluoroquinolones
  • apply lotions, antiperspirants and other products that contain alcohol to the hair removal area (this prohibition is relevant three days before hair removal)

If you have met the deadlines and followed all the precautions, welcome to the epilation studio even in the midst of summer. Modern diode lasers have special attachments for dark skin, thanks to which you will definitely avoid burns and hyperpigmentation. The only thing the master should warn you about is that laser hair removal on dark skin will not be as effective as before tanning. Your situation may require more treatments than usual.

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