Kate Middleton showed a new photo of Princess Charlotte

Charlotte turned 6 on May 2. Traditionally, on the birthday of the children, the Dukes of Cambridge show a new portrait of the birthday boy. Outwardly, Charlotte looks like Queen Elizabeth, but in character - like Prince Harry.

 Princess Charlotte is 6 years old. In honor of her birthday, which was May 2, the Duchess of Cambridge, according to tradition, showed the public a new photo of the girl. On April 23rd the world saw new portrait of Charlotte's brother - Prince Louis.. He turned 3 years old that day.

New photo of Princess Charlotte / Photo by Kensington palace

In the new photo, Charlotte with long burnt hair, in a dark blue modest dress of a restrained blue color. By the way, the girl is always dressed in discreet colors. Mostly in her wardrobe, dresses are blue, green, gray or brown. No hot pink "princess" outfits. The girl's hobbies are also non-princess. She adores grow plants in your grandmother Carroll Middleton's vegetable garden.

Many have noted Charlotte's striking resemblance to her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. The same look, the same shape of the eyebrows.

Charlotte is very similar to her great-grandmother / Photo Kensington palace

Young Elizabeth / Photo by Kensington palace

But in character, the girl is more like her uncle Harry. Like him in childhood, she loves to be naughty and show her tongue.

Prince Harry loved to show his tongue as a child / Photo by Kensington palace

The same habit as his uncle - Prince Harry / Photo by Kensington palace

Despite the fact that Charlotte is only 6 years old, she has been going to school for a year now. The princess is attending Thomas's Battersea private school in southwest London.

The happy family of the Dukes of Cambridge / Photo by Kensington palace

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