Sport on an empty stomach is hazardous to health

If your heart hurts after exercise, this is the first sign that you are hurting yourself.

From correspondence with the reader:

Hello Doctor!
Now I am reading your book "Substance Deception". The book is just super! Thank you very much! I have one question.
Under the heading "How to Lose Weight Properly?" you write that those who drink some water instead of breakfast deprive the most important component of nutrition - protein, and we, even if we begin to lose weight, it is often due to muscle fabrics.
But then what about those who promote workouts in the morning on an empty stomach?
It turns out that they do not use glycogen in training, but proteins as energy, i.e. constituents of muscle tissue? (And thus they lose weight due to the loss of muscle tissue)
And it turns out more correctly that if you do a morning workout, then only some time after breakfast, but not before it?

Thanks for the kind words!

On an empty stomach, you should only do stretching and breathing exercises. And serious load training - only one and a half to two hours after breakfast. Breakfast can be light, such as a protein shake with a vegetable or fruit. I strongly recommend not making a smoothie, but chewing everything yourself.

As for glycogen (polysaccharide, a source of glucose, is stored in the liver and muscles in the body) - of course, it is spent first, but it ends first. And then its own protein starts to "burn" - muscles (and not fat at all, as we would like!). Moreover, it is impossible for a person to grasp that line when the training crosses this line.

I am especially sorry for the most important muscle of the body - the heart, on which the greatest load falls. It is very important that it does not hurt after training. This is the first sign that you are harming your health.

During heavy exercise, athletes specifically take carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores. But in our life with you, there are usually other tasks: to lose weight, lose weight. And then the intake of carbohydrates during training will be completely superfluous.

Ideally, of course, all more or less serious sports are transferred to the second half of the day, and in the morning to do something calmer.

Your Doctor Pavlova

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