TOP 9 important habits to keep your skin youthful

Healthy daily habits to help you maintain skin firmness, avoid wrinkles and keep your face youthful and beautiful for a long time

In adolescence, we take elastic skin and a toned face contour for granted. However, the first wrinkles and morning swelling around the eyes make us think about how to preserve the natural beauty and youth of the skin. Someone rushes to the beautician, someone starts looking for expensive anti-aging creams. All this has a place to be, and helps to maintain the purity and moisture balance of the skin of the face. However, external stimulation of the skin will not give good results without internal support. In order to preserve for a longer time what has been given to you by nature, you need to adjust your lifestyle and develop a number of simple but healthy habits.

Follow your drinking regimen

be sure to keep track of the amount of water you drink per day /

We all know about two liters of fluid a day, but we rarely follow this golden rule to maintain the body's water balance. Many consider it a myth, replacing

water coffee, tea, juices and mineral water. Meanwhile, it is pure drinking water that is able to effectively dissolve the waste of our life and flush out toxins from the body. Regular and correct consumption of water improves the structure of the skin, making it smoother, firmer and more hydrated. To calculate the required amount of water per day, use a simple formula: 35 ml for each kilogram of weight. The resulting figure is the total volume of daily fluid, of which about half should be water.

Eat the right foods

Provide yourself with a healthy and balanced diet /

We are what we eat. And the skin of the face perfectly reflects the richness and completeness of our daily diet. Ideally, a menu that will keep your skin toned should include vegetables and fruits with vitamin C content every day; eggs and butter (vitamin A); nuts and red fish (vitamin E); seafood (zinc); red meat and liver (iron). Not everyone can provide such a diet on a regular basis. Therefore, try to alternate the necessary dishes - today the liver for lunch, and fish for dinner, tomorrow - eggs, meat and seafood. Do not neglect vitamin supplements: even if they are not as effective as proper nutrition, balanced complexes will help fill the deficiency of vitamins and minerals that we need everyday.

Monitor the amount and quality of sleep

Get enough sleep every night /

Regular lack of sleep makes the skin look dull, pale and tired. This is not surprising, because while we sleep, our body recovers the vitality wasted during the day. And leather is no exception here. Scientists have shown that skin cell regeneration occurs twice as fast during sleep as during wakefulness. It is at night that cellular respiration increases, which means that more oxygen enters the skin, which stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. At the same time, it is important that the sleep is deep and uninterrupted, because the peak of skin regeneration occurs in the third or fifth hour of sleep.

Control hand movements

Touch your face with your hands as little as possible /

From the basic regime measures, we go directly to what is associated with the skin of the face. The very first rule is to touch your face with your hands as little as possible during the day. This rule only seems simple. Try to count how many times during the day you reached for your face to rub your eyes or nose, propping your cheek or chin? It is unlikely that before that you wash your hands every time, because such movements occur reflexively. However, the number of pathogenic bacteria that contaminate the face is simply colossal.

Keep all contact items clean

Wash your makeup brushes at least once a week /

First of all, we are talking about makeup products. With regular use, brushes and sponges are not only contaminated with facial residues. They can build up a lot of bacteria, which then clog pores and cause localized inflammation. Therefore, you need to wash them at least once a week. The same goes for face towels and pillowcases. They need to be changed much more often than you would normally change your underwear - again, a weekly change would be optimal.

Wash off makeup before bed

Rinse off makeup thoroughly every night /

Makeup remover and face cleansing before bedtime is the key to maintaining healthy and youthful skin. Make it your permanent habit, and don't cheat on it under any pretext. If you are very tired during the day, and you have neither the strength nor the desire to thoroughly clean your face, use special wet wipes. Just do not overuse such make-up remover, it is better to do “discount for fatigue” no more than once a week. And don't forget to cleanse your face before bed, even if you haven't put on makeup. During the day, the face is in contact with a huge amount of dust and bacteria, which must be removed before bedtime.

Protect your skin from the sun

Protect your face from the sun not only in summer /

Many are accustomed to using sunscreen only on vacation and at the beach. However, this is not enough for the skin of the face. Our face is in contact with the sun's rays every day, while the body is under our clothes. Even in cloudy weather, ultraviolet light penetrates the skin, enhances the production of free radicals, stimulates the appearance of pigmentation and wrinkles. Therefore, make it a habit to choose cream with SPF protection not only in summer, but throughout the whole year. This cream can be used as a makeup base, just wait 20-30 minutes after applying it. A separate requirement is sunglasses. Don't hide them in your closet until you leave. Regularly wearing glasses with good UV protection have been shown to reduce the risk of wrinkles around the eyes.

Visit your beautician regularly

It is better to entrust deep cleansing of the face to the beautician /

The skin of the face, as the most exposed part of our body, is prone to pollution and inflammation. If small problems can be dealt with at home, then it is better to entrust deep cleaning to a professional. If you don't have time or opportunity to go to a beauty salon every week, make it a rule to visit a beautician at least once a quarter. This will be enough to keep your face clean.

Monitor your emotions

From negative emotions lies the crease between the eyebrows /

Facial wrinkles are associated not only with improper skin care. Very often they occur due to the constant overstrain of certain muscle groups. If you are angry, your jaw tightens, the tips of your lips drop down, and one or more folds lie between the eyebrows - the harbingers of a deep wrinkle. The recommendation to “get angry less” in stressful situations helps little. Therefore, the moment you feel a surge of anger, try to exhale, close your eyes and just relax your facial muscles. This exercise has the opposite effect - often after "forced" muscle relaxation, the intensity of negative emotions becomes less, and you calm down.

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