5 signs that a man is not suitable for a relationship at all

Young girls do not really think about whether the boy they like is suitable for a relationship or not. Well, I fell in love, inexperienced, the wind is still in my head, pink glasses in my eyes. But, when you are already 25 or more, you start to approach the choice of a partner more responsibly. And here, before committing yourself to a man with some kind of obligations, you want to know everything you need about him, including whether he is generally suitable for a relationship or not!

Yes, unfortunately, there are men with whom it is impossible to build a normal relationship. No matter how much you love him, no matter how hard you try, nothing will come of it. It is not worth any love for a man to turn your life into hell! That is why it is worth taking a close look at the behavior of a potential partner. There are signs that will indicate to you that he is, well, not good for long-term, strong, healthy relationships!

5 signs that a man is not suitable for a relationship at all

Problematic nature

We are all not without a flaw, it's true. But you should definitely pay attention to your partner's behavior. Very often after a woman's heart has been won, this behavior changes dramatically for the worse. Therefore, if a man is rude, aggressive with everyone, he cannot control himself, but with you there is an angel, do not think that his similar behavior will never affect you!


Take a closer look at how your man solves problems, is he capable of doing it at all? Or is he just constantly whining that everything is bad? And does he constantly change his goals, beliefs, opinion? You need a person behind whom you will be like a stone wall. Such that he could always substitute his shoulder, intercede, as well as find ways out of difficult situations, and did not give up when difficulties arise. Because it doesn't matter at all whether you are strong in spirit or not, if your partner is spineless, then it will be difficult for you to "swim" in all this and pull everything on yourself.

Employment for you

These are two big differences when the person is actually very busy and when they are busy for you. If a man often finds excuses not to meet with you, and "draws" only when he needs something from you, then it would be better for you not to mess with him! It makes no sense to meet with a person who is never with you. You are everywhere alone, without him, as if he does not exist at all in your life.


It's not about respecting you, it's kind of a matter of course. You must be on an equal footing, and your partner must treat you respectfully! It's about respect for others. By looking at how a person treats others, you can learn a lot about him. By the way, again, do not think that if he is disrespectful to everyone around him, and he is still in normal relations with you, that this will never affect you!

Financial illiteracy

Whatever it was, but money still remains, though not the main, but an important aspect in a relationship. The future of the couple depends on this. Those who say that "with a lovely paradise and in a hut", of course, are cunning. It is unlikely that you will agree that a man does not work at all, and does not know where to get money for food, for clothes for children. It is important that a man knows how to competently manage his finances, and can wisely invest his savings in himself. If a potential partner wastes money without thinking about anything, he is unlikely to think about his future.

The wrong man who looks unattractive or has some not very pleasant profession is not suitable for a relationship. The one who cannot see in a woman an equal to himself does not approach the relationship, is disrespectful to others, spineless, rude, financially illiterate and cannot find time for his sweetheart. You shouldn't even catch your eye on this one, let it roll on. And you deserve the best!

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