Cengiz's brother decided to cash in on Melek, begging for money from Zeynep. My mum

Arriving in Istanbul, Cengiz and Shule temporarily settled in Rifat's house.

Shule very quickly found a job at a local bar and after a conflict with a client, she also quickly lost it.

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Now Shule did not want to take to work in any bar and the couple became freeloaders of Rifat's brother.

Not only did they themselves live in someone else's house and at someone else's expense, so Shule also brought Melek.

Rifat did not like the fact that there were so many strangers in his house, but Cengiz promised to get his daughter-in-law to work soon and they would definitely pay off with him.

But Rifat did not wait for Shule to come to work. Seeing expensive clothes on Melek, an insidious plan immediately ripened in his head.

Rifat secretly copied Zeynep's phone number and made an appointment with the girl.

Rifat said that everything is fine with Melek, but no one works in their house and there is nothing to feed the child. Zeynep, without hesitation, took the money out of her wallet and gave it to the man.

Rifat bought milk for Melek and spent the rest of the money on himself.

As soon as the money ran out, Rifat met with Zeynep again, and this time he asked for money to pay off the debt for electricity. The girl is cold in the unheated house.

Zeynep again ran to the bank and withdrew the required amount.

Rifat without a twinge of conscience, pulled money from Zeynep, but in return he had to arrange a meeting with Melek.

Everything went according to the plan, but only one day Cengiz finds out about it and a plan also ripens in his head.

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