5 things you don't need, but your woman needs in a relationship!

Women and men are completely differently arranged. Especially when it comes to relationships. For example, women are more emotional and romantic, while men are more reserved in this regard. Women are used to caring, but men see caring differently. Women have elevated levels of the hormone estrogen, but men think we are just showing weakness. For men in relationships, only the obvious is important, and we women pay a lot of attention to small details.

That is why I propose now to identify 5 things that are not needed and not important for men, but very important for women. Learn to understand us!

5 things you don't need, but your woman needs in a relationship!

Social network

Yes, that's so commonplace, and maybe men will find it stupid. But what is important for a woman is what happens on the net. It is important for her who likes her photo, who visited her page, who subscribed to her. It matters to her who follows you and who you are. What status do you write in classmates and in contact, what content do you watch on Instagram. Men are more reserved in this regard. They do not brag about their purchases to everyone in a row, do not tell how they are doing to the whole world, but women, on the contrary, are important to share achievements and problems, to discuss it with others.

Therefore, a woman can even make a scandal if a man has some changes on a page on the network, and a man, as it turns out, does not care. Men don't care who likes their photos there. So it's time to change something!

Important dates

Agree, men, you are all weak in memory when it comes to important dates, right? But for a woman, anniversaries, birthdays and other holidays are very important. She appreciates every minute next to her partner, and even on important dates a real animator wakes up in her who is ready to arrange a holiday. And she wants the same from her man! Having trouble remembering the date? Then write it down, so your relationship will be stronger, and your woman is happier!


A woman needs compliments, it is important for her to know how she looks. This man woke up, washed, pulled on jeans and a shirt and went to work. A woman will clearly think over her image, it will take a long time to get together and prepare, and it is important for her that a man appreciates it! She wants to be beautiful for her partner, she wants to impress him. But, what does she face from day to day, with an indifferent look? Do not see any changes in appearance, then just hug, kiss and say: "what a beauty you are with me."

Your business on the phone

Yes, every person should have a personal space, but women, for the most part, cannot help themselves. They are very interested in what you are doing there so interesting on the phone. You probably don't let go of him at all, do you? In the morning on the phone, then go to work, then come back, and again "dive" into the phone. Do you think such a curious creature as your partner will not be interested in what you read and watch there? Put a password on your phone - suspicions will begin. Even if your woman trusts you, is not jealous of you, it is in her essence to rummage in your phone. Because it is important for her to know with whom you communicate, to whom you write, etc. So the best reassurance of your senses will be open access to the phone!


Women very often can worry about some stupidity and trifles, and sometimes they even feel ashamed of it. And you know, they just feel insecure and want your attention, care. Don't forget about it men, please!

Relationships are tricky. And sometimes we have to make sacrifices, change our lifestyle and habits for the sake of the happy eyes of a loved one! Dear men, take into account my recommendations, and your woman will become a little happier, and your relationship is much stronger!

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