My own breakdown of Elena Kalle's interview on the Sputnik vaccine

There was an offer to comment on the interview with Elena Kalle. Yes, easily!

We read.

Elena: The viral vector makes our cells synthesize spare parts for the virus, and our immune system must learn to recognize them as our own so that they are not destroyed.

Let me explain: It's the opposite. Our immune system learns to recognize this protein synthesized in our cells as foreign. Therefore, our immune system kills our cells with this viral protein.

Elena: The main danger of the Sputnik vaccine is that a foreign gene is transferred into our body and starts working there.

Explaining: I don’t understand what the danger is. And so it was conceived. The goal of vaccination was to make the viral gene work in our body without the virus itself.

Elena: Genetically modified organisms are made of us in droves.

Let me explain: No. In genetically modified organisms, a foreign gene is inserted into the organism's genome. The Sputnik vaccine delivers a viral gene to the nucleus of our cells, but it does not fit into the genome. It lies within the core, separate from our hereditary information.

Elena: The viral gene will make some parts that are not needed by our body, which it is not clear what they will do.

Explaining: Personally, I understand what it will be. This will be the spike protein that the virus clings to our cells. Our stupid cells will expose this spike protein to the outside. Our immunity will notice it and kill our stupid cells. At the same time, the immune system will remember what the spike protein looked like and the next time it will instantly recognize it on the virus. The virus will be immediately blocked by antibodies.

Elena: Viral genes can be inserted into our own genes.

Let me explain: I agree. A viral gene that enters the nucleus of our cells can theoretically integrate into our DNA and spoil something there. There is a potential opportunity. This is a common disadvantage of vector vaccines.

Elena: If the instruction for the production of viral protein gets on our intracellular devices for protein synthesis, then they may not understand it and deteriorate. And they won't make our own proteins afterwards.

Let me explain: If the viral gene did not normally trigger protein synthesis in our intracellular factories, then the vaccine would not work. The vaccine works. The protein is synthesized. And our intracellular factories don't care what they synthesize. They are just factories. They will make a viral protein, and then switch to the synthesis of our usual proteins. But even if our intracellular factories choked on the viral gene and broke down, they would still not live. Because this cell must be killed by our immunity.

Elena: Adenovirus causes cancer.

Let me explain: Firstly, the vaccine is not a virus, but a viral vector. The vector does not multiply. Second, even if it were an adenovirus, adenovirus does not cause cancer in humans. Third, the Chinese are officially using an adenovirus-based drug to treat cancer. That is, the opposite is true.

Elena: Gene transfer is a serious process that can disrupt the functioning of the whole organism, and our immune system cannot cope with it.

Let me explain: Again, the opposite is true. The Sputnik developers have struggled to get our immune system up and running. Because she did not even notice the little thing that the Sputnik was trying to deliver to her. So there is no question of depletion of immunity. This immunity only slightly wakes up in response to the Sputnik vaccine, and reluctantly, yawning, moves one finger.

Elena: Some genes are incorporated into the cell culture. Gene insertion is a serious mutation. The main effect of gene insertion is oncology.

Let me explain: One viral gene enters our cells. It doesn't fit anywhere. What kind of cell culture we are talking about is not clear. Gene insertion is not a mutation. This is exactly the insertion of genes. For this insertion of genes, for example, they pay 160 million rubles to save a child with spinal muscular atrophy. The main effect of gene insertion is not oncology, but the effect that has been programmed into the genes. The viral gene included in the Sputnik vaccine encodes the synthesis of a viral protein. That's all he does.

Elena: We have no right to genetically modify people. It's illegal.

Let me explain: The Sputnik vaccine does not genetically modify people, because it does not change a person's genes. But yes, there are drugs, like the one for 160 million rubles, which modifies a person genetically. And this is legal. But very expensive.

Elena: The sign of a transgenic person is a gene introduced into it, which began to work.

Let me explain: No. A trait of a transgenic person is a gene that is inserted into the human genome. The viral gene from the Sputnik vaccine does not fit into the human genome.

Elena: The bad thing about this viral gene is that it is reproduced in large quantities, in which our genes are not reproduced.

Let me explain: Elena probably meant a viral protein that reproduces. I doubt very much that the viral protein in our body will reproduce more than its own protein. I haven’t even come across such an idea anywhere. The vaccine instructs our body to make a viral protein, but it does not instruct us to make an obscene amount of viral protein. It's just a gene and just another protein. Normal job for our cells.

Elena: What will happen to our cells, on the membranes of which a lot of viral protein will stick. Maybe all the membranes of the cell will break.

I explain: They will definitely break. But that's only one. The cell has one membrane. And this cell is doomed to die at the hands of our immunity. And so it was conceived.

Elena: Adenovirus for vaccines is grown in human organisms.

Let me explain: No. Adenovirus is not grown. The adenoviral vector is grown. It doesn't grow in human cells. It grows in cultured cells that contain viral genes. These are artificially created cells based on one single human embryo, which were made back in 1973.

So... I'm tired of commenting on this heresy. Continue further?

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